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The Beautiful Mansard Islands

If you ever plan to visit Tennessee, USA, then you must make sure you go visit the beautiful Mansard Island. From there you can explore the natural parks around as well as go cruising on the Kentucky Lake. The resorts are open from March through October, so you are guaranteed good time and sunshine during that period. What makes Mansard Island unique are the plenty of recreational opportunities available to guests.

Things to Do

            If you are living busy life in a big city or somewhere where it is crowded, then you will definitely appreciate everything that Mansard Island has to offer. Mansard Island is surrounded by nature and woods, which will make every day you spend there an adventurous one. You can enjoy various water fun activities like water-skiing, tubing, kayaking and other sports. The Kentucky Lake is known for large and small mouth bass fishing, black crappie fishing, big catfish, as well as of several varieties of other fish.

Where to Stay  

            The resort on Mansard Island has a nice marina and is situated on the Big Sandy Basin on splendid Kentucky Lake. Resort is quite large so you can spend a very comfortable vacation in one of the dozens lodging units available to guests. At Marina Island there is also a nice campground for outdoor lovers, a couple of well-stocked fishing ponds for sports fishing, there is a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, children`s playground, gift shop, boat rental, and other interesting things for the visitors to enjoy and have fun.

            If you are interested in camping then you should know that campground is open yearly. The sites for camping all have electricity and water, as well as picnic tables. Campsites are pretty close to the marina, so everything is very close to each other. At the marina, you can rent a boat and enjoy beautiful day fishing on the water. With so many different things available for visitors, Marina Island is the ideal place to spend a nice family holiday or go fishing with friends. It is really unique, peaceful place where you can fully relax and recharge your batteries.

Final Thoughts

            Marina Island is for those seeking an escape from hustle and bustle of modern city life. Nature lovers will really love the place as everywhere around there are woods and beautiful parks to enjoy outdoor activities. Camp lovers can spend a peaceful family holiday and bond with their family members. All things considered, Marina Island and the resort there is perfect spot for full relaxation and outdoor fun. If you have not been there so far, now is the perfect time for you to do so. You will definitely enjoy everything that is on offer and you will feel like a whole new person after your vacation is over. Hopefully this information triggered your curiosity to explore new places. Start your packing soon and head towards Mansard Island. It will surely be a visit that you will remember forever.