Snapchat Influencers

Snapchat established as top social app among users of all ages today. Thousands of snaps are being shared every second, and everyone loves the Snapchat stories, nice filters, and great options of this app. Besides sending and receiving snaps, Snapchat has become much more than a regular social app. It has also become a great tool for showing off travel destinations through the eyes of influential Snapchat users. Follow some of the next travel Snapchat influencers and you will get a good idea about some new destinations. They are likely to inspire you to visit some places yourself.

  • AdventurousKate

            Kate currently resides in New York so if you want to check out what is going on in this great city make sure you follow her Snapchat account. You will be impressed with the places she visits, foods she eats, as well as other interesting stuff. Her snaps are really nice and she has a plenty of travel experience. Harlem is the place where she lives now so see what Adventurous Kate is all about.

  • TheBlondeAbroad

            Coming from California, Kiersten is a beautiful girl that is very active on Snapchat. She has been to numerous places from where she has posted snaps. South Africa was one of her favorite destinations where she enjoyed some magnificent views and beautiful vineyards. If you follow her snaps you will learn how to enjoy most of your travels, what is best in specific place and where to stay.

  • BackpackerBrock

            Brock is a cool dude that presents destinations in very interesting way. He is very natural and skilled in presenting the best of the places. Currently he is one of the most popular travel influencers on Snapchat. He has represented some travel agencies so he knows how to show the people destinations he visits. He usually mixes his daily adventures and activities with a bit of culture and history of the places he is in. All his snaps are attractive and will boost your curiosity about visiting specific travel destinations.  

  • The_HostelGirl

            The_HostelGirl, or Katie, is very enthusiastic girl that loves to travel. Her Snapchat account is full of nice places she has visited mainly in United Kingdom, but in some other places as well. Her travel advice is very valuable and can save you some money if you are a traveler on a tighter budget. Her daily travel tips are loved by many, so check her out. As her name suggests, she mostly stays in hostels, and you will learn about many affordable places to stay.

  • IntrepidEscape

            Behind this nickname is an adventurous Englishman that is always open to exploring exotic places and checking out magnificent travel destinations. From zip-lining and drumming in Belize and Guatemala to road trips in the United States and railway travel through Europe – this Brit knows how to have fun. His travel adventures are well-documented so you will have lots of fun seeing where he has been and where he will go next.